What Our Clients Say…

  • “I have cerebral palsy, which gives me chronic back pain. Physiotherapy, hydrotherapy,surgery – nothing worked. I have now been going to Pilates in the City for 4 years and it has turned my life around. I have far less pain, walking is easier and I no longer take morphine. I believe Pilates actually strengthens the damaged pathways in my brain. The doctors can’t believe the transformation in my gait and general well-being.” Anna Scutt, Cornwall
  • “It is thanks to the expertise of Pilates Cornwall that I as a keen sportswoman am able to continue my sport following injury. The instructors offer a tailor made class for each client with hands on guidance which, with their detail knowledge of pilates make it an exceptional way to re-address imbalance prevent injury and improve posture.” Barge Knight, Cornwall