The Studio

Equipped Studio – “Pilates at Park Villa”

Welcome to Pilates Cornwall’s uniquely equipped Pilates studio situated in a calm Victorian house in Redruth. Founded by Leigh in 2003 in Truro, “Pilates at Park Villa”‘s studio environment is one of focus and commitment to help and enable people to work intensely and specifically with their bodies, allowing profound changes to take place in the body’s alignment and posture as the work is integrated in a shorter space of time.

Classes are kept to a maximum of 4 clients per session to ensure that our high standards are maintained.

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Studio Classes

Classes are 1 hour and 20 mins long for regular sessions and 1 hour for private sessions and run every day except Sunday. All of our classes are kept to a maximum of 4 clients per session to ensure that our high standards are maintained and to enable us to teach on a one-to-one basis that is so fundamental to our ethos. Clients’ medical and case history are taken for the instructors future reference so that the clients programme is appropriate to their individual needs. The beauty of the Studio environment is that it enables the teacher to evolve the mat work, classical and equipment repertoire as and when the clients strength and alignment dictates.

Numbers are limited and clients must phone to discuss their medical and physical history with us and to book their 1 hour initial consultation class. Clients have a permanent slot in our diary to which they are committed – this supports and enables them to build a foundation of the principles of Pilates on which we can create.

Please contact Leigh to discuss your individual case.